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Phishing Scam, that’s not really DocuSign

Several times per week I receive official-looking emails from what appears to be a trusted company or email sender, so today I just received an email using a From Name of “DocuSign Signature”, which is a little odd because most email messages have an actual person’s name in the from field.

On first glance this email appears to be legitimate because of the logo, header, grammar and fonts used. Being suspicious the first step that I take is to click on the From Address to see who was sending the email, or at least pretending to be:

Bingo, the From Address is not coming from, instead it is coming from, so I am 99% assured that this is yet another Phishing scam to entice me to click a link and end up at a site to steal my login credentials.

A second, but more subtle indicator that this is a scam email is that the message isn’t centered on the page, or left-justified. It’s centered off to the right, which a real corporation like DocuSign would never allow to be sent out.

A third point, if I just hover my cursor over the enticing button, Sign Invoice, it reveals a totally bogus and very unsafe web address:

Finally, the content of the email starts out with, “Dear Recipient” which is always a symptom of a phishing scam. A real invoice from DocuSign would have my complete First and Last Name, plus a known Account Number. This email has none of my account details, so it’s a scam, and I should never click the Sign Invoice.

So, stay safe with your email, be on the guard for clever phishing scams like this one that can at first glance appear to be legitimate, but with a few seconds of double-checking turns out to be unsafe.

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