Written: July 16, 2018

Apple Phishing Scheme, Beware

I’ve owned Apple products for over a decade now and so I do pay attention to emails from Apple, and this is what just came into my mailbox this morning:

email from Apple?

Email from Apple?

At first blush this appears to be an authentic email from Apple, but then my eye caught the vertical left line in the email body which in Apple mail indicates a Copied section fo text has been Pasted into the message. Apple would never send me a Copy/Pasted piece of text.

Next, Apple would have an account number of display my first and last names, but not so on this email message. So my suspicions were high that this message was a fake, aka phishing message. Clicking on the From name revealed an address that wasn’t from apple.com, so I  knew 100% that this was a phishing message:

Not apple.com

Not apple.com

The final confirmation that this email was not legitimate was to hover my cursor over the link included:

bad link

Bad link

Although an email may look like an official Apple message, I took several steps of precaution and never clicked the link because I knew that something was a bit off with this message. Hopefully you will become more adept at spotting email messages that are instead phishing for details like your real Apple account login credentials, by thieves who want to steal your digital identity.

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