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Regus – Room for Improvement

Back in 2011 I started leasing office space within 2 miles of my home, in order to meet my web prospects and clients face to face, while having a separate place from my home to do business. It worked out quite well for several years, then in 2013 my landlord was purchased by Regus and the office continued to thrive.

A few years ago I switched my contract and became a virtual tenant, meaning that my mail was still delivered to the office, but I worked from home and only visited the office to pick up mail or meet with a client. I had to schedule that office meeting room, and the system continued to work well.

In 2020 we had the global pandemic and most everyone started to work from home, so there was much less stigma to using a home office. I recently decided to cancel my virtual tenant agreement with Regus, so logged in and clicked around to find out how to cancel my account, but then I got stuck on the following screen:


In the bottom right corner there’s a greyed-out button called End Agreement, however you cannot click it. There’s really nothing to click on for this page, there’s no checkbox, there’s no radio button, clicking the colored area does nothing. I waited 35 minutes on hold with Regus today, and the support lady politely walked me through each screen, until we reached this one. She asked me to try another browser than Google Chrome, so next I tried Safari, same issue.

She asked me to try another computer, not a Mac. No problem, I tried Windows, same response, I cannot click End Agreement. She reluctantly admitted that another client had the same issue, so she filed a technical ticket and will follow up again with me on Tuesday.

Regus, I expected your web site to actually function, so what happened to your QA process?

The moral of the story is to check your own web site, just like a client would, and know that all features are in fact still working, Keep your customers happy, even when they say goodbye during the pandemic.

Here’s the unpublished support phone number for Regus: (888) 866-9799.

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