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Sometimes Less is More

While networking at the Portland WordPress Meetup group I met a person that needed to migrate their old web site to a new Content Management System, so that they could update their own content without being a webmaster. I accepted the project and used WordPress as the CMS, then selected a theme called “Plain WP” because it most closely matched the simple look that they asked for.

To make the WordPress site look exactly like the old one, I made something called a Child Theme and modified a CSS file for:

  • Using the font family Myriad
  • Narrow the page to 700 pixels wide
  • Remove the navigation breadcrumb and H1 titles
  • Change the hyperlink colors to blue
  • Remove the Comment section
  • Match the paragraph formatting

This web site has a very simple look to it, which forces me to focus on the content, not the colors or layout.

Visit the live site here:

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