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Reliable Web Hosting

I’ve used over a dozen different web hosting companies over the years, and the company that I recommend now is called 1and1. My reasons for this recommendation are:

  • Reliable uptime for web hosting accounts
  • Value pricing
  • Helpful tech support 24/7, in English
  • Experience, they host over 1,000,000 web sites
  • Scalability, they serve one person companies up to large corporations


Having said that, I felt some panic today when I tried to login at and was greeted with this screen of death:

1and1 as 404


This is the kind of screen that you would see if their web host was having issues, or worse, they were hacked.

A quick phone call to tech support provided me with the login address:

1and1 login

Yes, I can login, however why is the main web site at down this afternoon?

All of the web sites that I have hosted at 1and1 are all up and running without issue.

When I filled out a Support request on their web site it was about 10 minutes later that I got a reply e-mail asking me, “Which browser are you using?” I replied that it was Google Chrome on a Mac. Next, I tried out four other browsers and they all worked OK (Firefox on Mac, Safari on Mac,  IE on Windows, Firefox on Windows).

Hmm, sounds like a browser issue and not a web hosting issue. I then went into the settings on Google Chrome on my Mac and cleared the cache, sure enough I can now browse 1and1 OK, it was a browser bug and not a 1and1 issue. You see, even an expert like me can mis-diagnose a tech issue.

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  1. Dan J

    Very interesting. I’ve been with 1and1 for some time, but my service seems to be not reliable at all. Customer service is also so-so.

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