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Dropbox Phishing Scam

I’ve been using Dropbox for years as a way to save all of my Invoices and PDF user manuals in the cloud, it works across all of my devices: Laptop, iPad and Android phone. An email today was suspicious because it claimed to be from Dropbox, but ended up in my junk email folder.


Dropbox phishing

At first glance it has nice formatting with an outlined box, and a pretty blue button called “View file”, but several things jumped out at me screaming scam:

  • Hi there – it should say my real First and Last name
  • To field – it should’ve had my business email address
  • From field – it’s not from
  • View file – hovering over the Blue button, but not clicking, reveals a non-Dropbox domain name

Hopefully, you will also be suspicious of email that ends up in your Junk folder, although about 1-2 legitimate emails sent to me daily do wind up in the Junk folder by mistake. Just keep vigilant with all email messages, especially when they have a link or button for you to click. Just hover over that link and see what the address is before clicking it.


phishing address
Phishing address appears when you hover over the button

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