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Scam Alert: Domain Networks

I just received another official looking bill this week, and the sender was a company that I don’t do business with, Domain Networks. The first that I noticed was the Domain Info was incorrect, as they listed the Registrar as GoDaddy, a company that I will never do business with. The real Registrar is actually IONOS, my preferred web vendor that offers domain names, web hosting, email hosting and SSL certificates, all in one, convenient place.

I knew it was a scam, but was still curious what their web site looked like, since they claimed to be a website listing service. Their website is barely functional, yet it does contain a few thousand businesses, so their unethical ploy somehow dupes the unwitting into paying for a $289.00 annual listing, but not me. Be informed, and save your business spending for something legitimate, not Domain Networks.

The two legitimate sites to get listed on for free are Google and Bing.

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