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Selling a Used Hard Drive

Every day I backup my MacBook Pro laptop using an external 500GB hard drive, at least until this last week when my backup drive got full and I needed to upgrade to a 1TB hard drive.

500GB Hard drive

Now the question arose of where to sell my old 500GB hard drive, Craigslist or eBay?

I don’t have the patience to deal with flakey buyers on Craigslist, so instead I opted to list it for sale on eBay, because of the large audience of technical buyers. View and bid now on my hard drive, the auction ends on Wednesday or you can use the Buy It Now feature.

Next, I wanted to erase the hard drive so that the new owner cannot recover any of my sensitive data. On my Mac I started up the Disk Utility, selected my external hard drive, then clicked the Erase tab:

Disk Utility

Under Security Options I choose to have the entire drive filled with Zeroes, which will thwart anyone from recovering any data from my previous files. The only downside is having to wait some 3 hours for this operation to complete, although I can always do other work while waiting for this to finish.

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