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Slowing Down Spam Comments in Your WordPress Blog

I enjoy blogging on a regular basis with my customized WordPress web site, however I don’t much like it when spammers clog up my blog by submitting comments. The first step in slowing this bad behavior is to install and activate the Akismet plugin:


Clever spammers will always find a way around Akismet and so I recently starting receiving bogus comments from this guy:



I did a Google search and quickly found out that WordPress has a built-in feature to stop spam comments being sent from a specific IP address. Find this at: Settings> Discussion

IP blacklist


I typed in the IP address of to stop this guy from sending me any more bogus comments. Thank you WordPress for being so flexible to use, and now more secure at stopping spam comments. The only downside now is that legitimate comments from that IP address will now also be blocked, but I can live with that.

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