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Dealing With Annoying Telemarketers

I love to answer the phone when it’s a client or prospect with questions, however when I get a call from a telemarketer it is simply a wast of my time and sanity. What is a business owner to do?

Well, one action that is easy to take is registering your phone or mobile numbers with the National Do No Call Registry.

Only reputable companies will check this list first before phoning you, so it will still not stop the annoying telemarketer that has no regards for our Federal Laws. What I do is make certain that the telemarketer can never phone me again. It is a simple two step process.

  1. Find the Number in Your Call Log

On my Android phone I click the icon for phone, then choose the Log button, find the phone number and click it:

Telemarketing phone number
Telemarketing phone number

2. Add to Auto Reject list

In the upper-right corner there’s a menu icon with three dots, click on that and choose: Add to Auto Reject List

Add to Auto-reject List
Add to Auto reject List

Well, there you have it. That telemarketer cannot dial your number ever again because you have rejected them. By doing this simple step you may cut down on the volume of your telemarketing calls, and thus have more time to run your business.

Have a fantastic week.

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