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Beware of a Fake eBay Phishing Scam

I’ve used eBay for over a decade now, and am quite familiar with how they operate, however today I received a sketchy email that pretends to be from eBay. At first blush, there’s an official eBay logo at the top, however everything else about the email alerts me to the forgery. So here’s my quick list of what to look out for:

  • Email from address, is not an eBay address. A legitimate email has as an address
  • Introduction, eBay knows my first and last name, they never just start out with “Hello”
  • There’s no photo of the fake item purchased
  • There’s no hyperlink to the fake item listing
  • There’s no footer with official text from eBay
  • eBay doesn’t use order numbers with Letters and Digits in them

Just be careful when receiving a phishing email like this one, because what they really want you to do is phone the fake 855 number, then trick you into giving them your eBay account login details.

Enjoy using eBay, it’s a safe platform, however there are criminals out there trying to get you to phone them up, and then pry your login credentials to steal your account.

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