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Updating Jetpack in WordPress Causes Fatal Error

I’ve been using WordPress since 2008 and the most trusted Plugins certainly come from the WordPress engineers at Automattic. Today when I started updating a few WordPress sites that use JetPack I was confronted with a Fatal Error message:

JetPack error
JetPack Error

Uh oh, then I received an email from my WordPress site noting that a Fatal Error has occurred. 

JetPack email

The bad news is that some fatal error occurred with JetPack, but the good news is that my WordPress site looks and functions OK, so it almost feels like a false positive. A quick Google search brought up this same issue, and we can safely ignore this error message, because it is just transient, not permanent.

So, go ahead, update WordPress, and if your JetPack site throws this error, just ignore it and get back to work.

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