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Frontier 50M/50M Speed

Upgrading Internet Speeds

I’ve been using Frontier FiOS as my Internet provider for several years, however my entry-level package had speeds of just 25M/25M and I wanted to know about upgrading to a faster connection. Yesterday I spent 25 minutes on the phone just to find out if:

  1. What packages do you offer?
  2. What does each package cost?

Ironically their website does list the Internet packages, but there is no mention of pricing. Why is no pricing listed?

My results were pretty close to the advertised rates:

Frontier 25M/25M Speeds
Frontier 25M/25M Speeds

My support person on the phone didn’t know if upgrading from the 25M/25M plan to the 50M/50M plan would require new hardware and an installation person to visit, but then she thought that it would be OK as-is. Hmm.

This morning I logged into my MacBook Pro and ran the again and I noted that Download had increased to 48M, but the Upload actually slowed down to just 15M. I started a Chat session at the Frontier web site and Tiffany started to help me, but then my Internet connection went dead and Tiffany phoned me. She asked me to turn off the WiFi Router and wait about 15 seconds, then powered it back up. Success, I now had faster speeds:

Frontier 50M/50M Speed
Frontier 50M/50M Speeds

For just $8/month more I have double my Internet speeds, so yes, I’m a happy camper, and probably a bit more efficient in running my web business. I would’ve preferred to upgrade online, without intervention from a support person, but that’s just how it is with Frontier FiOS, they have secret pricing and their upgrades require technical intervention remotely to completely work.

For personal use our household likes to stream Netflix, so I expect to see the biggest improvement in viewing movies in the evening, after work hours.

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