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Fake: Windows Defender Order

This week I’ve already received four of these scam emails purporting to be from Microsoft for their Defender app. First of all, Microsoft Defender is included with Microsoft Windows, so there is no annual subscription. Secondly, the From email address isn’t

Click the From address to identify the source

The third strike against this email is that Microsoft knows my full First and Last name, however they appear nowhere on this bogus email.

Even the English grammar is quite poor, so something that Microsoft would never use.

Microsoft has an official logo, but it’s nowhere to be found on this imitation email.

What the hackers really want you to do then is phone their number, where they will ask for your actual credentials to steal your identity at or other web sites. So just learn to tell when an email is fake, then go about your business day, older and wiser, not falling for fake emails that are out to steal your identity.

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