What Facebook Said Today

Mark Zuckerberg started some 13 minutes late today for a live conference call. Most of the media in the room made no eye contact with the speakers, instead they were all immersed in typing the story on their own laptops.

What’s New

  • Group Chat for text
  • New Design – better layout in chat
  • Video Calling on Skype
  • 750 million active users of Facebook now
Room for Improvement
  1. Start meetings on time
  2. Presentation skills – the constant use of non-words should be eliminated (uh, uhm, aah)
  3. Slang is for kids – adults annunciate words like “to” not “ta, gunna, etc.”
  4. Notes plus an agenda are useful – just walking out there and winging it shows you as unorganized and unprofessional
Peter Dang – Group Chat
Turning any number of online friends into a group chat
New Design for Group Chat
– takes into account your screen size
Philip Su – Video Calling
– Get to this through chat or by clicking on a link by friend’s name in the chat session
– Very easy to connect, intuitive
– About 30 seconds to get all setup the first time
– Not for mobile (yet)
Tony Bates, CEO of Skype
– British chap and accent, the one adult presenter that came across professionally
– Partnership with Facebook is great
Cool Words
Social apps
Financial Relationship
This is the free version of Skype placed inside of Facebook. Stay tuned for revenue ideas.
My Take
I don’t use online chat because I’m too busy responding to emails. I have integrated chat into web sites for clients, and that does work well for customer support. These new technologies keep Facebook and Skype on the forefront of social networking.

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