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New Client, Two Sites Remodeled

Most of my web business comes from referrals, and that is how D. Mike Collins found out about Tualatin Web. I learned that Mike had two sites hosted at, but he was told that his Themes were too old, and would no longer be supported, plus he wanted to make changes to the look and operation of both web sites. We collaborated and then decided on a plan of action:

  1. Migrate from for web hosting, over to, where we could choose any theme, any plugin, and customize as needed.
  2. Make the look of both sites more modern, reorganize the menus and change most of the photos.
  3. Use tutoring on Zoom to learn the WordPress block editors.
  4. Add new features like contact forms, live Google maps, and multiple authors.

This site was for Mike’s group doing Bible studies, and the previous look was:

the brotherhood of the book

The remodeled look used cleaner styling, with fewer distractions, and new menus for multiple authors that blog:


If the footer of the site are new features for a live Google map, subscription to the blog, and a contact form:

New Footer

Mike’s second site was more about personal story telling, along with blogs from him and his daughter.

New Site

Web Hosting

We hosted both of these sites at , a multi-national vendor that I’ve used for over 10 years now, and they provide reliable, fast hosting at competitive prices, along with a control panel that is easy to learn and use. Mike’s domain names remained at, and then I changed the Nameservers to use IONOS for web hosting, finally adding the SSL certificates at IONOS.


Within a week, Mike. was able to give his two web sites a modern look, add new features, and learn how to make updates using his web browser. Another happy customer.

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