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Teri LeVine and I met over 10 years ago, and then in 2020 she contacted me about Fairway America, a middle market real estate sponsor, and their WordPress website. This particular site had very detailed and different page layouts across the site, and it used a page builder called Divi to design the layout of each page. There’s a steep learning curve with page builders, so Teri scheduled working sessions where we remotely shared a screen and went through each step of making updates to pages, creating new pages, duplicating pages, changing the menus, modifying forms, and lots of other little, intricate web details.

After each tutoring session Teri is now able to perform all of her own edits to the new messages that her company needs to communicate and promote.

3 column content with buttons
About us layout

Custom Forms

If you can think of a graphical idea, then I can help you design it in a WordPress site using the page builder features of Divi, or tutor you in how to learn it.

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