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Every business is unique in that way that it creates products and delivers services. We take the time to learn what your business is all about before making any recommendations on how to best use the web in achieving your objectives.

Here’s the process that we use to earn your business:

  1. Free consultation – to discover what business you are in, how you are positioned in the marketplace, learn how you are different than all others, and ask how the web can help you achieve your objectives.
  2. Written quote – that describes how your objectives can be met through various web projects. All web layout, pages, features, schedule and price are fully described.
  3. Quote acceptance – then we determine when the project starts, all the deliverables and the final date to implement everything specified in step 2.
  4. Implementation – is the process of delivering each item from the quote.
  5. Acceptance – where you review every deliverable and let us know if it meets your expectations.
  6. Training – the process of written and in-person training to get you up to speed on your new web features.
  7. Testimonial – we love to exceed your expectations and then tell the world about how delighted you are with our service.

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