Written: September 7, 2016

Even PayPal Has Bugs

I use PayPal both in my business and for personal financial transactions because it is so easy to use, especially compared to a credit card. With PayPal I can checkout with just my email and password, however with a credit card I need to supply much more information:

So just from a pure typing viewpoint using PayPal will save you time over using a credit card with every use.

Is PayPal perfect? No. Just today I received a $400 payment, so I logged in and planned to transfer that money into my bank account but was greeted with an odd sight because my balance should’ve said $400, instead it showed no balance:



I’ve never seen this bug before, so I went looking for support and a phone number to call:



I was on hold for just a few minutes and then the support person listened to my bug report, acknowledged that it was a real bug and that PayPal engineers were working to fix the bug, so I just get to wait for my account balance to appear again.

After one day of patiently waiting the techs at PayPal have fixed the bug and my account balance is now correct. See, patience is a virtue..

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Microsoft Updates Can Help

99.9% of the time that I install yet another Microsoft update I really don’t see or notice any change or improvement, because they are just security updates however yesterday my Outlook for Mac 2011 was updated and it actually solved a big issue for me.

I have multiple email accounts and use Outlook to manage all of them, and I receive many emails every day that I just need to quickly read then delete. After a while I have thousands of emails in my deleted folder. When I would want to permanently remove these deleted emails I would find the folder, then choose Delete. Outlook would start to delete them then crash after deleting only a dozen or so messages. Not friendly.

After the latest update I can now permanently delete hundreds or thousands of email from my Deleted Items without a crash.

Thank you Microsoft for fixing a bug in Outlook that helps me.

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Easy Nivo Slider

Easy Nivo SLiderMy new WordPress site uses several useful plugins and I’ve enjoyed having Easy Nivo Slider on my Home page to rotate four Posts, however with the WordPress 3.2.1 update this plugin plain stopped working.

I did some quick searching on the WordPress support forums and found out that I was not alone. Others had seen Javascript errors, so I browsed my Home page using Firefox with the Error Console turned on. Sure enough, in the Javascript for this plugin I found an error which was breaking it. My first response was to just comment out line 97 in a file called:


That simple hack made Easy Nivo Slider start working again.

Hopefully the author will read the Forums, find the bug, fix it, and I can get an officially updated and supported plugin.

In the meantime my Home page is working with a sequence of four rotating images that can be clicked.

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4 responses to “Easy Nivo Slider”

  1. Great fix! I too use Nivo Slider in both Joomla and WordPress installs. It’s great to see someone sharing the fix rather than just the problem.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Daniel Payne says:


    Glad to help out. Google is a wonderful way to find out about a problem, then a little ingenuity to fix this Javascript glitch in Nivo Slider.

  3. Chris Raymond says:

    So what is the code at line 97 to comment out? I don’t have a text editor that shows line numbers.

  4. Daniel Payne says:

    I’ve stopped using this Plugin and instead coded up a Custom page template for my Home page where the slider is, then used jQuery and the Nivo Slider code from http://nivo.dev7studios.com/.

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