Latest Mac OS X – Mavericks

Written: October 22, 2013

Today is the big day to update your Mac OS X operating system for free to the latest release called Mavericks, or version 10.9. The 5.28GB download will take about 45 minutes to download (remember, no DVD media), then installing and restarting another 45 minutes or so. Apple claims some 200 improvements with this version of Mac OS X, so you can get a better idea of specifics here or at the Apple site here.

On my setup there are two external monitors and with Mavericks it added a menubar to each external monitor. I can see how some users would welcome that, however for me I want the maximum screen space available so I figures out how to turn off menubars for external monitors right away. My first external monitor is just as fast as the laptop display, however my second external monitor is connected to the USB port with a device made by Diamond using software called DisplayLink, which is now dog slow. So I’ll have to wait for an updated version of DisplayLink to get back some of the lost speed.

Most of the changes that I see with Mavericks are cosmetic, reminding me of the recent iOS7 update for the iPad.

Go ahead, update to the latest Mac OS X, just pick a time maybe near the end of your work day, or when you can be doing something else productive for awhile during the installation process.


Maybe Your Next Laptop Will Be a Tablet

Written: October 14, 2013

My wife’s 15″ HP laptop display is going out, so we have to decide what to replace it with. Your home or business is likely facing the same decision in the near future.

HP Laptop


I asked my wife what she used the laptop mostly for, and discovered that it was:

Then I learned that she wanted something more mobile than a bulky laptop, so today I let her start using a Nexus 7 tablet that I’ve been using to test mobile web sites with.

Nexus 7 tablet


For the times that she is at her desk and wants to really type fast I gave her a Logitech bluetooth keyboard:

Logitech Tablet Keyboard


When shoe goes mobile the Nexus 7 can fit into her purse, when back at home she can either carry the tablet or place the tablet on the holder and type away with a full-size keyboard. After we added an account for her on the Nexus 7 (something the iPad cannot do) she supplied her Google credentials and then had access to all of the Apps used on her Android phone, quite a convenient feature of the Google Play store.

The tablet uses the same micro-USB connector for power as her Samsung phone, making the desk less cluttered by using a single charger.

She’s used Windows 8 and Android operating systems before, so there wasn’t much of a learning curve to become productive with the Android-based Nexus 7 tablet.

Perhaps your next laptop replacement won’t be a laptop at all, rather some tablet with an optional keyboard.

Tech Phone Support

Written: September 29, 2013

I’ve known Valerie Garrett for several years now, first when she worked at Tualatin Life, next at the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce, and most recently with Stafford Hills Club. One common thread between all three companies has been the use of WordPress to maintain the company web site, and with WordPress you can update your web site using a web browser.

WordPress is simple to use, intuitive, flexible and extendible.

When Valerie has a WordPress question she can either refer to the Web User Guide, send me an email, or pick up the phone. Last week we talked by phone about how to use WordPress and then I followed up by email. She sent me a Thank You card, which always warms my heart because then I know that the support really helped her get the job done.

If your website cannot be easily updated using just a web browser, then consider using WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS), and  then ask me your questions on how to get your pages updated to be just what you want.

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Don’t Believe All Marketing Hype


This past week Apple announced a refresh of the iMac computers, their all-in-on design with 21.5″ or 27″ displays. I’ve owned an iMac before but never got used to the glossy display because it was like looking into a mirror at myself all day long. The marketing department at Apple made a bold claim about he newest iMac display:

“How did we make an already gorgeous widescreen display even better? By making it 75 percent less reflective.”

OK, that got my attention because I have a MacBook Pro laptop with a 17″ anti-glare display, along with two external 24″ matte monitors which provide me with three screens that have no glare, meaning that I can look at my work, not my reflection.

I visited my local Apple store this weekend at Bridgeport Village to take a look for myself at the 75% less reflective displays. To my immediate shock and dismay the new displays were just as glossy and reflective as the previous models. I could easily see myself in the displays along with every product on the wall behind me. The clerk tried to minimize my displeasure with, “Well, this store is brightly lit.”

I walked out of the Apple store knowing that I would never buy the “new” iMac because the display glare is still not acceptable for my use. So, don’t believe all marketing hype, look for yourself before investing in a new computer or display.

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