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Amazon Phishing Scam Alert

My first work activity in the morning is reading through new email messages, and today I found a pair of messages claiming to be from Amazon, and at first blush they looked quite legitimate. The subject line had an order number, the message contained my First and Last names, the grammar in the copy seemed OK. But then I noticed a few telltale signs of a phishing scam:

  • Email from address was
  • No hyperlink on the Samsung TV product
  • All other hyperlinks were not, instead they were
  • No TV is priced at exactly $800.00
  • No Shipping is a round number of $30.00

This industrious phishing scam then followed up the first email with a second one, claiming an account password change attempted:

Once again, this is a scam, because of the From address:

Amazon phishing scam

So, be diligent when reading those email messages claiming to be from Amazon, because the criminals are getting more sophisticated in their deception. The scammer wanted me to phone their bogus number, then con me out of supplying my real Amazon login credentials, but I didn’t need to phone the fake number, because I already spotted their scheme in the email details.

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