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An Outdated Theme

WordPress has a modular architecture, allowing users to change the page look, layout and typography by changing the Theme. One of my customers had a very old WordPress theme that would no longer work with PHP 8.0, and wasn’t a responsive design, so trying to view the site on a mobile device involved pinching to zoom in, followed by panning left and right. I recommended that the old Theme be replaced by something newer that works with PHP 8.0 and is responsive, allowing browsing on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. I migrated the site from:


Here’s the before look on a Mobile device:

mobile - before
Mobile – Before

mobile - after
Mobile – After

The Theme before stayed at two columns, even on a mobile device, and the menu across the top had text items too small to read or even click on. The Theme used after was responsive, so on mobile it turned into a single column, making browsing easier. View the migrated site here.


If your WordPress site has an old theme that isn’t responsive, causing visitors to pinch and scroll left, scroll right, then consider migrating to a newer Theme. With the new block editors in WordPress you can now edit every page into any layout that you want, so the difference between themes is becoming less of an issue. If you would rather spend time running your business than migrating Themes, then give me a call and I will quote you the effort required to migrate your site, freeing up your valuable work schedule.

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