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Please Don’t Choose Network Solutions for Web Hosting

Yes, Network Solutions started out in 1979 offering domain name registrations, so that part of the business they understand, however web hosting with this vendor will cost you time, money and likely a bit of sanity. Today a new client asked me to move his web site from the web builder product at Network Solutions over to WordPress, offering a responsive web design and more modern look. The client granted me access to the account, and I logged in and found the auto-installer for WordPress, but then the installer simply failed.

I used the Chat feature at Network Solutions to get technical support, but they couldn’t resolve the issue.

WordPress Failed Installation

I also noticed that the site wasn’t secure, so I tried the option to add an SSL Certificate, but that failed and yet again tech support was contacted.

Finally, I tried to do a manual installation of WordPress by using FTP, and I opened up the FileZilla app and typed in my credentials. Yes, even FTP failed, and contacting technical support on Chat didn’t work.

failed FTP
FTP Failed

The web hosting plan indicated that we had a feature called File Manager, yet when I clicked the link for File Manager it responded, “This plan doesn’t have that feature.”


In summary, everything that I tried to do at Network Solutions failed, and not for a lack of trying. I’m really quite surprised that Network Solutions can stay in business with such poor support and user experiences. You have been warned. I do recommend that you choose IONOS for web hosting, email hosting, domain name registration and domain registrar services.

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