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Trackpad destroyed

Apple MacBook Pro Woes

I’ve been using an Apple MacBook Pro brand of laptop computer for three generations now, however there is a myth that Apple laptops are more reliable than PC laptops. On my 17″ MacBook Pro laptop the keyboard started having keys that no longer work, so I’ve got an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar today to probably have the keyboard replaced. As a work-around I’ve added a wireless keyboard so that I can continue my work.

As a backup for my 17″ MacBook Pro I have a 2nd computer, a 15″ MacBook Pro, so I took it off the shelf and placed it on my table, however it wouldn’t sit on the table flat, it wobbled instead. Hmm, what would cause my laptop to no longer sit flat? I opened the laptop up only to be horrified to see that the trackpad had been destroyed. What would cause a trackpad to be pushed out from the inside?

I took the bottom of my 15″ MacBook Pro apart to see what was going on, and look what I found, a bulging battery had pushed the trackpad to crack and moved the bottom of the case. Doing a Google search for “MacBook Pro battery bulging” I found that this is a known problem with many people reporting the same issue. I’ve got an 11:55AM appointment at the Genius Bar, so I will bring them two broken MacBook Pros, one with a bad keyboard and the other with a bad battery, broken trackpad and bulged case. Wish me luck.

Oh, and Apple laptop hardware is not more reliable than PC hardware, both brands will have failures.

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  1. Daniel Payne

    At the Apple store in Bridgeport Village but they want to change me $239 to replace the battery and track pad on the 15″ MacBook Pro, so I’m an unhappy customer.

  2. Todd Tomlinson

    I have one of those sitting in the closet — same problem – and that’s the second one that’s done that to me. I threw the first one away.

    1. Daniel Payne

      Todd, I’m amazed that there isn’t some class action lawsuit against Apple for these bulging batteries or a lot more publicity about it. I last powered up the 15″ MacBook Pro just two weeks ago and it was totally fine, no bulging at all.

      1. Todd Tomlinson

        Totally agree Daniel — I’ve watched $5200 worth of MacBook Pro’s explode due the battery problem.

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