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Avast phishing scam

Folks, the scammers out there are getting quite polished in their fake emails, and this morning was another example that looked legitimate:

  • Official logo
  • Plausible subject line
  • Used First name, but missed Last name
  • Had an order ID #
  • Dollar amount was plausible

So, what gave it away as a phishing scam?

  • I never bought anything from Avast
  • Email from address and reply address,
  • All of the links go to non-Avast addresses, like

Continue to be vigilant each day when reading email messages, because the phishing scammers want you to click a fake link, then trick you into typing your legitimate username and password, so that they can steal your digital identity on one or multiple web sites.

Remember, it’s a best practice to always use a unique password for each web site that you login to.

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