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Don’t Fall for this SMS Email Scam

This morning I received yet another email scam, this time with a twist, because it pretended to be a voice message, inviting me to click a button to listen:

First of all, I do have a Google Voice account setup, and this doesn’t look anything like a Google email.

Second, my home phone does use VoIP technology, so on occasion I do receive a voice message by email with a link to listen, however this message doesn’t come from my VoIP provider.

What gives this scam away are a few simple items:

  • From email says Voice SMS, not an actual vendor that I use
  • Looking at the From email shows an unknown address,
  • The Subject line only has my last name, while a legitimate message would know my First and Last Names, plus an account number
  • There’s no logo or vendor name even implied, so it’s bogus
  • The link for the Listen button is

Be vigilant, and look for the tell-tale signs that an email is not legitimate. This phishing email wants me to click their link, taking me to an unknown web site, likely to steal my credentials or download a virus on my computer. Whatever you do, please don’t click that Listen button. Simply delete the email, and continue with your work day.

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