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Email Notification Phishing

An email just came in today warning me about: Undeliverable emails to your inbox. At first glance the message looked like it was auto-generated, but I knew that my email hosting is through and nothing in this message had listed.


My first response was to click on the From email field to see if this was coming from


So the address isn’t, so I’m 100% certain that this is yet another phishing scam, designed to lure me into clicking some link in the message. If I examine one of the message links by right-clicking, I can copy and then paste the link.

So I know from looking at this link that the phishing hacker wants to send me to another web site where they have compromised the site and added their own malicious code. The moral of the story is to be suspicious of all email messages sent to you, especially if:

  • Unknown sender email address
  • Links go to unknown web sites

As a courtesy I did visit the infected site at and used their Contact form to alert them to a hacked web site, so hopefully they will believe me and then hire a professional to clean up the infected folders and files, then adding security to harden their site, making it more difficult for hackers to exploit their site.

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