Catch 22 Trying to Cancel My Yahoo Account

I just tried to cancel my Yahoo account by clicking this page however at the end it failed and said Contact Support. That link for Custom Support was broken. Next on the phone I encountered a person who asked for my security answers, which I provided. Then he asked me for two children’s birthdays which I provided, but he said they were incorrect. His supervisor said the same thing. Over 45 minutes on the phone, mostly on hold. Sad state of affairs at Yahoo when you cannot simply cancel a Free account. These people at Yahoo were less friendly and less logical than our beloved Federal Government. Stay away from Yahoo, you have been warned.

Here is how superior customer support works:

  1. After a client authenticates then you give them what they want, even if they want to cancel
  2. Your web site allows users to login and cancel their own account
  3. Links on your web site work, when they are reported broken then you fix them
  4. You publish a toll-free number where people can find it
  5. You don’t have 6 levels of automated phone service to find out how to cancel an account

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