Written: June 12, 2010

Christian Faith

Christian FaithThe fish logo is a symbol of Christian faith. Thank God that I grew up in a household of faith, and at the age of 17 became born again, experiencing a spiritual awakening that introduced me to the Creator of the universe in a personal way.

God is absolutely Holy, however we are separated from Him because of our sin. To bridge the impossible gap between His holiness and our sin requires judgment.

Fortunately for us, He provided someone who was judged in our place, and His name is Jesus. You see, this Jesus took upon Himself the punishment for our sins by offering His life in our place.

He then rose victorious from the dead and now offers us a gift of eternal life with Him in heaven. We cannot work our way into heaven.What must I do to receive this awesome gift? I must admit my sin, ask God for forgiveness, accept Jesus as savior and lord, then confess it to another person.

Welcome into God’s kingdom.

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