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Commercial Web Sites with Bugs

I often read the web site for local news and today I found an interesting article about an eLearning company in Portland called OpenSesame, so I browsed over to their web site. The site is well-designed and full of interesting content, so I wondered about how many WordPress classes that they offered, so I clicked on a button for Browse Classes. Then it happened, the dreaded pop-up dialog with an error message:

OpenSesame error message

It’s never a good idea to have your web site throw error messages, because it makes the visitor suspicious about how viable your company, products or services may be. I clicked the OK button and continued to look at the search results for WordPress and found a handful, so obviously this platform is not a big one for the 100,000,000 users of WordPress. Most of us just visit Google and find plenty of free WordPress tutorials out there instead of paying for training.

I did continue on the OpenSesame site to use their Chat feature and they responding quickly, asking me to email a screenshot of the error message to their support department. I wish OpenSesame much success, however they really should be doing more QA work on their web site by having testers click every button and link to double-check that all is working OK, instead of letting a hapless, first-time visitor stumble onto errors.

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  1. Daniel Payne

    Thanks for the link to my About page, there was a plugin used for the short-code that was disabled. So I’ve enabled the plugin and the page has content.

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