Written: September 14, 2012

Copy and Paste, Windows and Mac

As a web developer I use Windows and Mac every day, however I started out on Windows decades ago and have memorized the familiar Copy (Control+C) and Paste (Control+V) with my left hand and it works ergonomically very well with the Control key pressed by the left pinky finger.

A few years ago I bought my first MacBook Pro laptop and had the painful task of using the Apple Command key, which on a MacBook Pro keyboard is two keys away from the Control key, therefore my left pinky finger cannot reach it.

Today I did some Google searching and found a way to add the familiar Control+C and Control+V on my MacBook Pro, instead of the awkward Command+C and Command+V. Here’s how, click: Apple> System Preferences> Keyboard> Keyboard Shortcuts> Application Shortcuts

Control C, Control V on a Mac

Click the + icon to add a new shortcut. Under Menu Ttile, type: Copy

Under Keyboard Shortcut, type the two keys together: Control C

Click the + icon, under Menu Title, type: Paste

Under Keyboard Shortcut, type the two keys together: Control V

You have now added the familiar Control C and Control V to your Mac:

Control V on a Mac

Your typing efficiency on a Mac will now equal that of a PC, enjoy.

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