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Blocking Unwanted Phone Calls

As your business grows the number of unwanted phone calls seems to also grow, so when I upgraded cell phones to a Samsung Galaxy S8+ I was so pleased to find a new built-in feature to block a number. The most annoying call I receive is from an automated system that sounds like, “You Google business listing is not verified, please press 1 to setup your free…”.

Sure, the recording promises that if I press 9 or some other number that they won’t call me again, but I didn’t want them to contact me the first time so why should I trust that they won’t keep pestering me again?

After I hang up, then I look at my recent phone calls and select the latest spam number. At the bottom right corner there’s a new link, “Block number“. I just click that link and then that ensures that I will never receive a call from that annoying caller again. What relief.

Thank you Samsung for adding this helpful feature to my Android phone.

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