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I live in Tualatin and was shocked to learn that our City Council wanted to demolish the City Offices and build a new one in order to extend Seneca Street, even though there was nothing wrong with the existing building. Jan Giunta contacted me about creating a new web site for this cause, and I agreed to develop it pro-bono, because it is a worthy cause.

We decided to use WordPress as the Content Management System and hosted it for free at I chose a theme called, “The Expound Theme” because it was responsive, making it work and look good on the desktop, tablet and phone.

The site has just six pages, and it’s packed with information and photos to help make its point.

In the right sidebar we added a photo gallery where the thumbnails can be clicked to start a photo gallery.

The Contact page uses a Form to send an email message without revealing the email address, something very handy to cut down on spam.

The total time to create this web site was under two hours, and I’ve been working with volunteers so that they can maintain the site as needed using just a web browser and WordPress. Maybe your cause deserves its own web site too.

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  1. Jan Giunta

    I have worked on several web sites, but working with Daniel on this one was the easiest experience I’ve had. Robert Kellogg, Chad Darby and myself highly recommend Daniel Payne at Tualatin Web!! We will be back, but next time as paying customers.

  2. Daniel Payne

    Jan, it was a pleasure to work with your team and I look forward to seeing our city council exercise more prudent fiscal controls.

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