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Faster WiFi with Frontier

I like to measure things and recently I noticed that my iPad and Android phones had slow speeds for upload and download in the range of 1Mbps, while my laptop on the same WiFi network was seeing speeds at least 10X faster:

Fast WiFi on laptop


To get the App visit the Apple App or Android Play stores and search for “speedtest“, on your desktop browse to:

A minute later I finished a Google search and discovered that the WiFi Router that Frontier ships to your home or office has a feature called Wireless QoS that is turned on, but instead should be turned off. To get a 10X speed up on your iDevices or Android devices login to your Frontier router with this address in a web browser:

Router login


You’ll see a main menu:

main wifi menu

Click the icon for: Wireless Settings

wireless settings


Now click the link for: Advanced Security Settings

At the bottom of the screen click: Other Advanced Wireless Options

A warning appears, Choose: Yes

At the very bottom of the screen click: WMM Settings

Finally we arrive at the screen which shows that WMM is Enabled, or turned on:

WMM on


Uncheck both of these boxes and click the blue Apply button, then your Router will tell you to wait while updating:

Please wait


At last, we are done with our WiFi changes:

WMM off


Run the speedtest App on your iPad or Android device and enjoy the blazing fast speeds:

fast wifi



I’m baffled as to why Frontier would ship their WiFi router with such a slow default setting on WMM, however I’m thankful that a quick Google search unveiled the 10X speed fix for my WiFi on iPad and Android devices.



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