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Home Phone Using the Internet

Eight years ago I first blogged about using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to say goodbye to the local phone company, all while maintaining my home phone number. I had been using a product called the OBI100 from ObiTalk, yeah, not a household name for sure. Today I upgraded to the newer, and smaller OBI200 unit that looks like this:

OBI200 Setup

To make a 911 call with location services I have an account with ANVEO, for an annual fee of $75.00. On occasion I need to send a FAX, and this setup also supports that feature.

All family members now have cell phones, so I’m not so sure how important it is to have a home phone number anymore, but if you love your home phone number (aka Land Line) and have an Internet connection, then consider porting that phone number into a VoIP setup, hopefully saving you some money in the process.

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