Written: October 5, 2017

Keeping your network updated

In my home I use WiFi to connect my MacBook Pro to the Internet. Today I received an email from Netgear, the company that sold me the WiFi router, and they wanted me to update the firmware to the latest release for security reasons. Right away I took action, because I really want my WiFi network up to date and secure so that hackers cannot get into my network and disrupt my business or steal my identity.

Netgear eail

Netgear email

In my web browser I logged into the WiFi router, then went to the page where firmware updates are performed.

Netgear firmware

Netgear firmware

The whole process to update the firmware took maybe 3 minutes, and then I reset my WiFi router.

It’s a good feeling to be secure in my business, and I recommend that you take update notices from your WiFi router vendor as serious so that your business runs smoothly

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