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email from Netgear

Remember to Update your WiFi Router Firmware to Stay Secure

Today I received an email from Netgear, my vendor for WiFi router used in the home office, so I read through it and decided to follow their security advice and follow the simple steps.

Netgear email
email from Netgear

It’s also best practice to double-check any email message like this by viewing the From address, and then hovering the cursor over any link just to make sure that you know where the link is pointing to before actually clicking it. This email passed my scrutiny, so the next step was to browse the link and find out what version of firmware I already had:

Firmware Version

So yes, there was a newer version of firmware at, so I started the update process and watched the progress bar:

firmware updating
Firmware updating

The update process only took a few minutes, so not a big deal in lost productivity for me. When the firmware update was complete I checked to see the latest version number of


You should always update to the latest firmware when your WiFi Router vendor sends you an email. When you purchase a new WiFi router make sure and register your product so that you can receive these useful update email notifications.

My previous update was in October 2017, so it looks like Netgear takes security seriously and continues to support their WiFi routers with new releases as soon as they find any exploit.

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