Migrating from Outlook to Apple Mail

I’ve been using PCs since 1982, and Microsoft Outlook on a PC for well over a decade, so when I started using a MacBook Pro a few years ago it felt convenient to use Outlook on Mac.

All has been OK until I finally couldn’t stand the inconvenience of:

  1. Crashes
  2. Bugs – cannot rename a new folder
  3. Large RAM usage
  4. Application not responding

Saying goodbye to Microsoft Outlook was necessary so that I could concentrate on my work, not on: rebooting, re-installing, running database recovery utilities, filing bug reports and finding work arounds. I’m not a fan of Microsoft, however I am pragmatic and I just wanted Outlook to work without worries.

For email on the Mac I am using the Mail app, which at first blush looks very similar to Outlook with a left sidebar containing my folders (which are hundreds), top pane for message summary, and bottom pane for message details. Since my email accounts were mostly IMAP it was simple to add new accounts to Mail and get instant access to all of my stored messages on the server. Signatures were quick and intuitive to setup for my accounts

For calendar I choose Google Calendar which also syncs with my Android phone, iPad and Mac Calendar. Google Calendar also has my To Do list.

Outlook contacts are migrated to the Apple Address book which then syncs with Google Contacts,  Android phone and iPad.

So, I’m happy saying goodbye to Outlook on Mac and hello to Mail on Mac. I’ll let you know in a few months if all is well or not.

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