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Mobilizing Your Web Site

The mobile phone market is booming which means that businesses need to consider how to present their web sites on a mobile device. Bridgeport Travel is a local travel agency run by Shelly Pawson and we just created a new site for her that looks great on:

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

For Desktop visitors we use the full display and add eye-catching photos on the Home page that rotate.

Bridgeport Travel, desktop



On a Tablet a visitor is using a slower WiFi connection so we simplify and concentrate on content, forgoing the slideshow on the Home page and minify the menu bar.



Finally, on the Smart Phone we use a single column of content, keep the logo, minify the menu bar, and only use vertical scrolling.



For both the Tablet and SmartPhone the menu opens up when touched.

SmartPhone menu


Using this approach Shelly can update content using just a web browser and WordPress software, then present her web site on three different sized devices.

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