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Austin Burres

Non-profit site developed pro-bono

Every year I meet interesting people that volunteer their time, talent and energy for  worthy causes. Such was the case with Austin Burres and Cassie Eichenberger. Their cause is called: A Village For One. They are a Portland based not-for-profit organization developed to serve children who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation. An astounding number of youth in the Portland and surrounding areas have experienced this global crime against children.

We first met at a Tualatin Chamber of Commercing networking event back in October, so I followed up with her and offered to remodel their web site, and migrate them from a hand-coded site to a Content Management Site using WordPress. Now they can update their own website by just using a web browser.


We added several features to this site to make it relevant for their audience:

  • A Donate button on every page to help fundraise
  • Social dialog with a Facebook Badge, Facebook icon and Twitter icon
  • Shopping items to fundraise, integrated with PayPal
  • Integration with MailChimp for email marketing (planned)
  • A blog for news articles
  • Contact form to follow up with visitors
  • A Join form to recruit new volunteers

The banner of their site uses a special logo that they had designed earlier, and then the menu colors were selected to complement the logo.

We just had a WordPress training session today, so Cassie and Austin are all geared up to spread their message of hope, healing and change to our hurting community.

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