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SharePoint Phishing Scam

Landing in my email inbox this morning was a respectable-looking message that had a SharePoint logo at the bottom of it, but I suspected that it may be a Phishing scheme to steal my identity.

Phishing email with SharePoint

I didn’t fall for this Phishing scam by clicking the Orange button labeled Open, because of several factors:

  • From name – It’s simply one word Support, but this is typically a First and Last Name
  • Time – sent at 1:18AM, not likely from any business that I work with
  • Subject – the capitalization is all mixed, surely not professional

On closer inspection if I just hover my cursor over the Open button it reveals where this Phishing email wants to send me:

Phishing address
Malicious Address, Do Not Click Open

That web address is not really legitimate, because a real address would be something like, not


Be suspicious of every email sent to your address, because these Phishing schemes are intended to send you to a fake web site where they will steal your username and password combination, then take over your digital identity on one or more web sites. Use some of the techniques that I listed to determine if this email message is real or Phishing.

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