Tualatin Chamber – A New Look

Linda, CEO of the Tualatin Chamber contacted me recently about sprucing up their web site with a new look. She liked the colors light blue and navy blue, and wanted to see more variety visually. Here’s what I changed:

  1. Replaced the static banner with a dynamic one. Each page click brings you one of six different photo banners. Reduced the height from 200 pixels to 150 pixels, leaving more room for content. 
  2. Navy blue – replaced the old menu with this new color scheme. Navy blue menu, light blue diamonds at top, white text, red selected text.
  3. Right column – replaced the white background with a light blue background. Changed most of the fonts to white with a black hover color.

This site uses my custom Content Management System, which provides an easy way to update content, add events, manage members, accept payments, send emails, display banner ads and allow members to update their own profile or add events, jobs and special offers.

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