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Using Google Photos and Drive?

I enjoy using all things Google, because for the most part they are free and work well on all of my devices (MacBook Pro, iPad, Samsung Phone). If that’s you too, then there’s a recent change coming from Google:


Google Drive, Google Photos

Simplifying how Google Photos & Google Drive work together
You are getting this email because you sync items between Google Photos and Google Drive.

Over the next few weeks, we are making some changes to help simplify how Google Photos and Google Drive work together. We are making these changes based on the feedback we’ve heard that the connection between these services is hard to understand.
• Your photos and videos will no longer automatically sync between Google Photos and Google Drive.
• You will still be able to upload to both services using the Backup and Sync app on your computer.
• We’re also adding a new “Upload from Drive” feature that lets you copy photos and videos to Google Photos. 
• Your existing photos and videos are still in Google Photos and Google Drive.

You can read our Help Center article or learn more about these changes in our blog post.

Fortunately, I have kept Drive and Photos separate with no syncing, so there’s no change in how I use each free service.

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