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New Website for Local Author

I first met Kathryn at a Tualatin Chamber of Commerce networking event and then helped develop a consulting business web site for her. Just recently the purpose of the site was changed to become an author site, so I created a totally new look and replaced all of the content. Here’s the new Home page:

KD Scott, home

It’s popular now to have your Home page use a banner image that fits the entire web browser width. The photograph in the banner helps to create a mood, then the opening text on top of the photograph has a READ MORE button as a compelling event for visitors to click.

Mobile browsing is always important, and this site is responsive and it looks great on a mobile device:

KD Scott, mobile

The Contact page lets a visitor fill out a form, then sends an email to the owner, all while protecting the identity of the owner email address. It’s a best practice on the web to never publish your email address, because that allows spammers to harvest your email name and quickly add it to their lists of un-wanted email messages.

KD Scott, contact

We used WordPress, so the owner can login and maintain their own site without always having to ask a web developer like me to make updates.

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