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Website Remodel

There’s an old adage, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.” It makes me chuckle, because it’s been awhile since I remodeled my own web site. The good news is that my site uses WordPress, and it was simply a matter of looking through several newer WordPress themes to find something that I wanted, which included features like:

  • Reusing my existing logo
  • Tagline. phone number and social icons in the header
  • Search feature
  • Responsive layout for browsing on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices
  • Columns
  • Easy to customize
  • Full-width hero image on the Home page

Here are the handful of WordPress themes that I considered, and tried out with the Live Preview feature:

WordPress Theme Choices

Ultimately I selected the OceanWP theme, because it was free and it met my requirements, but then I had to do some customization to get it just the way my eye prefers:

  • Free themes have a footer credit link, so I hid that and used the three column widgets instead
  • A WooCommerce icon appeared in the menu, but I only use WooCommerce for testing, so I hid that
  • Link color – I changed it to match the orange in my logo
  • Home page – I didn’t want to see the page title appearing, so I had that
  • Bread crumbs – I wanted these on the left side, not the right side
  • Page titles – I hid these, instead using bread crumbs
  • Footer text – I changed the text color to a higher contrast
  • Hero image on the Home page – I changed it to be full-width in the browser, and removed extra white space above it

So, after eight tweaks to the WordPress theme, it was in fine shape and passed my criteria, so I’m a happy web developer.

The architecture of WordPress allows for changes to the look of a site by just replacing the theme, so this has value to me when it’s time for a refresh. All consumer products undergo slight changes to the look, over time, so I recommend that my clients consider a web site refresh every few years in order to look current, and be relevant in the eyes of prospects and loyal customers.

If you want a refresh on your web site, then let’s talk to discuss what the end result should be.

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