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Why Allow Java Updates?

As you use a Windows or Mac computer there will be a time like this week where you are prompted to install an update for Java. Should you do it?

Yes, and here’s why. Java is a popular language created by Sun Microsystems (now owned by Oracle) to be “write once, run everywhere”, meaning that a developer can write an app just one time and then have that app run equally well on: Windows, Mac, Linux, HP, IBM, SmartPhone, etc.

Both of my Windows and Mac machines prompted me to update Java, so here’s what to expect on a Windows computer. The first dialog is about the Java 6 update 37 being available:

The second dialog has info about McAfee, which I don’t use so ignore the commercial:

While waiting for the install there’s a commercial about the 3 billion devices using Java, which is mostly cell phones:

At last the Java install is done and we can all get back to productive work:


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