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A New Logo, so a New Header

I’ve been working with Gwen Martin and the Prescott Bluebird Recovery Project for a number of years now, and our first project was migrating their old hand-coded site into WordPress. Recently they adopted an official logo, so it was time for a refresh of their web site header. Here’s what the old header looked like:

Prescott Bluebird Recovery Project, old
Old Header

There new logo had a white background, so the header area needed a white background, and we no longer were using the large, block letters:

Prescott Bluebird Recovery Project, new
New Header

With the refreshed look we were able to retain some of the photos in the header, and then change the page background color to match the new logo colors. This process was iterative, where I suggested a change, then Gwen reviewed it, commented on it, and updates were made.

If your organization has a new logo, then it’s a good time to refresh the look of your website to use the new logo and update colors to be consistent.

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