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But I Didn’t Even Order an iPad

I just went through my morning list of emails and there was one message from Self Electronics about the shipment of an iPad. It’s a coincidence that I already own an iPad, however I didn’t order any new iPad.

iPad phishing

The senders of this email set a subject line as if we had been communicating before, adding a bit to the realism of the message. I was curious if there actually was a company called Self Electronics, so I browsed their web site: is a scam

So this company doesn’t even have a valid web site, that’s enough info for me to know that this email really was just another phishing scam where they want me to click the link for UPS tracking. The final test of authenticity is found by hovering over the UPS link:

UPS link

So the UPS link is really for some bogus web site, telling me that there is no need to be lured into clicking it.

Remember, a real company will know a lot about you and in their legitimate email it will include info like:

  • Your first and last name
  • An account number
  • A transaction number
  • Details about what you bought
  • A corporate logo
  • Proper English grammar
  • Hyperlinks to a trusted web site

If this trusted information is missing from your email message, then it’s very likely that you are being duped by a phishing scheme or just some shady site trying to sell you something that you likely don’t even need. With a little precaution you can make certain that all of your emails are legitimate.

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