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Customizing a WordPress Theme

Picture This is a client and their WordPress site has a custom Theme, and it even has a custom Post type called Our Department. Each post for Our Department then shows up on the Home page like this:

The problem was that when they had seven entries then the Home page looked too crowded, so they asked for a way to hide two of the posts, so that only five appeared. Not a problem, because they also are using a Plugin called Advanced Custom Fields, so I added a new field to this custom Post type as a radio button choice:

Added WordPress field to custom Post type

Now it’s easy for my client to use WordPress, add a new Post, then decide if it should show up on the Home page or not. So the next time that you want something changed on your WordPress site, and cannot figure out how to do it, then give me a call, so I can tell you what the options are and help customize WordPress to fit your business.

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