Secure Page Calling an Non-secure Form on Firefox

I have a client called YumFinder that has a secure shopping cart page that needed to call a non-secure form to continue shopping. My first approach was to include a link to the non-secure page (http):

With a browser like Internet Explorer 8.0 this works OK however with FireFox (Safari, Opera, Chrome) there is a warning dialog that pops up telling you that the form you are calling is not secure (http) while you are on a secure page (https).

I came up with a fix to avoid these security warnings. On the secure page I use a link to a PHP script which is also considered a secure page (https):

Then in the PHP script I redirect to my non-secure page:


The non-secure page (http) can now do it’s work:

I can understand why Firefox and other browsers get concerned about navigating from an https to an http page. Now I know how to keep my visitors from seeing un-needed security messages.

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